This tool was created before the new had released their API to be able to grab data easier. As such, this tool is pretty much obsolete. It still seems to work just fine, but it's literally just loading your Armory page and scraping the data off it the 'hard' way. I would love to be able to build a new tool that is simple and uses the new API (from what I've seen of it, it's pretty slick!), but I don't really have any time. You are still free to use this however you want.
If anyone wants to try to change it to use the API for me... well, let me know:


WoWTag will grab your character's data from using JQuery and PHP and display it along with your avatar.
  • Simple
  • Easy to Use
  • Configurable


Download WoWTag v0.2.B



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  1. Decide where you want to place the scripts on your server. For example: (we'll call this location 'js' in this walkthrough)
  2. Download PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser and place the simple_html_dom.php in your js folder.
  3. Download the latest release of WoWTag.
  4. Extract wowtag.rar to your js folder.
  5. Open the page you want to call the script from in the HTML editor of your choice.
  6. Add jQuery to your page by adding the following code to your <head> section:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  7. Add WoWTag to your page by adding the following code right below the jQuery call (make sure the path matches the location your chose):
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/wowtag.js"></script>
  8. Now you're all set!


WoWTag is designed to be very simple to use. You can specify where you want your character to be displayed in 2 different ways:

Method 1

On your page, anywhere (included text in a forum or a Wordpress sidebar), simply add:
Then, in either <script></script> or a seperate .js file, you simply call:

Method 2

On your page add a <div> with an ID of "wowtag":
<div id="wowtag"></div>
Using either method, you need to call init on wowtag.
In either <script></script> or a seperate .js file, you can setup the config for WoWTag:
_config = {
					realm:			'',	// your character's realm
					character:		'',	// your character's name
					placeholder:	'',	// (optional) the id of your tag. Defaults to 'wowtag'.
					refreshtime:	0	// (optional) if you want to have your tag refresh every few minutes, set this to a number >0. Defaults to 0 (disabled)
Next, call the init function:
And that's it!
When you enter your character's realm and name, check your page first to see how the realm and name are formatted. They will typically be in all lowercase with "-" in place of spaces or other special characters.
For example: means I would have my realm as "khaz-modan", and my charname as "vaire".


There are a few options for customization. When setting up your config, you can set any of the following options:
  • backcolor
    You can set the color for the background. You can pass a valid color string ("red"), hex ("#ff0000"), or rgba ("rgba(255, 0,0,1)"). Defaults to "rgba(0,0,0,0.33)"
  • border
    You can set the border for the tag. Defaults to "1px #404040 solid"
  • roundamt
    This will set the amount of rounding to the corners in pixels. Defaults to 5.
  • shine
    If "true" this will show the shiny border/overlay over your character's avatar. Defaults to true.
  • namecolor
    You can set the color for the character's name. You can pass a valid color string ("red"), hex ("#ff0000"), or rgba ("rgba(255, 0,0,1)"). Defaults to "#fff"
  • titlecolor
    You can set the color for the character's title. You can pass a valid color string ("red"), hex ("#ff0000"), or rgba ("rgba(255, 0,0,1)"). Defaults to "#e0e0e0"
  • guildcolor
    You can set the color for the character's guild name. You can pass a valid color string ("red"), hex ("#ff0000"), or rgba ("rgba(255, 0,0,1)"). Defaults to "#ffb100"


var _config = {
		charname: 'velathice',
		realm: 'khaz-modan',
		placeholder: 'wow-example',
		backcolor: 'rgba(60,0,0,0.66)',
		border: 'none',
		roundamt: 1,
		shine: false,
		namecolor: '#2b0000',
		titlecolor: 'yellow',
		guildcolor: 'blue'
	var wowExample = new wowTag();

Change Log

12/13/10 - v0.1B
 * Initial Release
12/22/10 - v0.2B
 * Wordpress Widgetized


If you like this program, please consider donating something so that I can continue to work on it and other projects.
Use the form below to donate via PayPal. Any donation is greatly appreciated!
If you would like to support in other ways (bug fixes, changes, styling, etc) feel free to contact me and let me know.


Special thanks to Andrew-David Jahchan and Ian Toltz.